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G’day y’all!

An old Russian saying states that in the course of his life a man should:

  • Build a house / home
  • Plant a tree
  • Raise (as in bring up, rear, nurture, look after, care for, provide for, mother, parent, tend, cherish; educate, train) a child.

Well, in todays shadow of the overwhelming electronic / digital cloud it is applicable to add

  • Build, (or at the very least have), a website.

I am proud to pronounce that by Russian standards I am an accomplished man.

I’ve build many (MANY!) homes (after all, 20 something years in construction must have something to show for), I’ve planted many trees and I’ve enriched the world with two super beings (my son and daughter of course!).

It is then high time to tend to the final accomplishment i.e. build a website.

There’s a dilemma here:

On the one hand, one can create her own website without any knowledge or acquaintance to any of the underlying techniques involved (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.).

It is fully possible, extremely easy and very reasonable to use one of the many DIY tools available (e.g. iWeb on a mac and/or lots of (free or reasonably charged) programs) to simply ‘drag and drop’ one’s own self designed site.

Why not? It is there; it is available, so why should one bother? The wheel is already invented…

On the other hand, getting one’s hands dirty dealing with the nuts and bolts of… well, practically anything, gives a different experience. Curiosity dictates a deeper and more profound inquisitiveness. Putting together a house from pre-manufactured modules, without ever knowing ‘what’s under the hood’, does not encompass the fully intention of building a home. From scratch.

Don’t get me wrong, using pre-manufactured components, in construction or program development or whatever, is efficient, effective and good, but you should have some knowledge of the basics.

Consequently building this site I will use both. Some pages will be generated by diving into the nuts and bolts i.e. generating codes of HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. Other pages will take advantage of available techniques.